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Welcome to Star Skills Swimming, where we bring the joy of swimming directly to you! Discover the two dynamic dimensions of our aquatic expertise

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Mobile Swimming Lessons

At Star Skills, we redefine convenience by offering mobile swimming lessons that come to your doorstep. Our certified and passionate instructors deliver personalised sessions tailored to your schedule and location. Whether it's the comfort of your backyard pool or another preferred venue, we ensure a seamless learning experience

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2-Week School Program

In collaboration with select schools, Star Skills proudly introduces a specialised 2-week swimming program. This initiative is designed to integrate swimming into the school curriculum, providing students with a holistic introduction to the world of aquatic skills.

What Sets Us Apart?

Qualified Teachers

Our team comprises certified instructors with a commitment to safety and excellence in every lesson.

Flexible Mobile Learning

No need to travel – we come to you! Experience the flexibility of mobile swimming lessons that accommodate your lifestyle.

Personalised Approach

Whether it's individual mobile lessons or a group school program, we tailor our approach to cater to diverse skill levels.

School Collaboration

Our partnership with schools enhances the educational journey, integrating swimming into the holistic development of students.

How It Works

Experienced and well-qualified staff will travel to your home pool to conduct lessons.

Pick the days and times that suit you. also change your lesson schedule up to 24 hours before it starts.

Lessons cancelled are not lost but will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience for both you and the teacher.

Lessons can accommodate 1-6 people with a minimum time of 40 minutes.

Lesson time can be divided between participants to cater for different swimming levels or learning style. 

Still unsure? Please see our FAQ page, or contact us.

Our Services

While lesson costs can look expensive at first, consider that in a typical 30min lesson at a local pool, a participant in a group of 4 often only gets around 6-8min of individual attention from the teacher. Star Skills Swimming lessons give full attention to the participant, accelerating the rate of learning. 

If you have multiple participants, you can split sessions among them. For example, 3 children with 30 minutes of swimming each will total a 90 minute session. 


1 Trial or
Additional Lesson

40 Minutes - $86.00

60 Minutes - $106.00


5 Lessons
(1-3 Participants)

40 Minutes - $410.00

60 Minutes - $510.00


10 Lessons
(1-3 Participants)

40 Minutes - $780.00

60 Minutes - $980.00


Quality Teaching With Added Convenience

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