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Star Skills Swimming began as a small, professionally run business providing mobile private swimming lessons. Established in 1997 and run by Jo Armstrong, an experienced physical education teacher at Presbyterian Ladies' College.

Jo has over 15 years of PE teaching experience and lectures in the education department at University of Notre Dame. Jo's passion for helping children learn, combined with the drive to run a business saw the birth of Star Skills Enterprises (Re-branded in 2013 to Star Skills Swimming)

In 2020, Jo appointed Esther Bubrik the new owner of Star Skills Swimming. Having worked as a top instructor for many years, Esther has stepped up to give Star Skills Swimming a new life. Eager to grow the business, Esther has hired on more staff, improved training, and provided a new and improved booking and website experience.


Throughout our years of operation, Star Skills Swimming has followed a simple philosophy.


We aim to help participants develop water confidence and swimming ability to enable them to safely enjoy a lifetime of aquatic experiences. Having lessons individually or in small groups is the best way to maximise progress and achievement 


Star Skills Swimming only employs experienced and qualified staff. Teachers follow key activities and instructions to ensure that we provide a safe and consistent approach to swim teaching.


No more hassle with travelling elsewhere. Enjoy swimming in the comfort of your own home. 

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising my swimming lessons over the past fortnight.

I’m now fully mobile throughout the pool, and no longer cowering at the shallow end like I had been for the past 40 years!

It has truly been life-changing, and has made it possible for me to really enjoy our pool with the children. Not to mention the sheer joy of being able to swim! Thank you!

I still need to work on my technique, of course, but the change is just amazing!

Alexis, Perth

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