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How it works

Experienced and well-qualified staff will travel to your home pool to conduct lessons.

Days and times can be requested by you during enrolment, with ongoing flexibility to change lessons up to 4 hours prior to lesson starting.

Lessons cancelled are not lost but will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience for both you and the teacher.

Lessons can accommodate 1-6 people with a minimum time of 40 minutes.

Lesson time can be divided between participants to cater for different swimming levels or learning style. 

Still unsure? Please see our FAQ page, or contact us.

Dive into a world of excellence with Star Skills Swimming! Our swim lessons offer a perfect blend of skill development, safety, and enjoyment. Join us as we guide you through personalized lessons, fostering water confidence and creating a joyful swimming experience. Discover the art of swimming with passion, expertise, and unparalleled dedication at Star Skills Swimming.


While lesson costs can look expensive at first, consider that in a typical 30min lesson at a local pool, a participant in a group of 4 often only gets around 6-8min of individual attention from the teacher. Star Skills Swimming lessons give full attention to the participant, accelerating the rate of learning. 

If you have multiple participants, you can split sessions among them. For example, 3 children with 30 minutes of swimming each will total a 90 minute session. 

Why it works

Quality teaching with added Convenience. 

People, especially children, feel the most comfortable in familiar surroundings such as their home pool. This familiarity will encourage a more confident and relaxed swimming lesson.

Lessons are based on the participant's needs and not a set program, stage or level.

Individual attention and correction is given. Participants receive the full focus of the teacher, instead of being 1 of 10 in a class setting.

Participants are less easily distracted and remain focused.

Convenience for busy families. Save the time and effort it takes to wait at the local pool for children to have lessons. Catch up on errands or simply relax at home while children are having lessons.

Because our swimming lessons are mobile, the day and time is up to you! 

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